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I originally approached Advocates, a human services organization in Framingham, MA -, with the idea of a portrait project in the fall of 2010. I was interested in building a portfolio of images of interesting people who would be given the opportunity to present themselves to the world exactly as they wanted to be seen. After careful consideration of the possible positives and negatives of such a venture, an Advocates team was created to help me design a program to ensure the best possible results. This exceeded all of my expectations. I was convinced that if it turned out well for the clients, it would turn out well for me. Still, no one imagined the enthusiasm and commitment that this effort would stimulate in the clients, staff, volunteers and caregivers. Nor did I imagine the enormous gratification that working on this project would provide me personally. When people are offered the opportunity to present themselves simply and authentically, without judgements or contraints, surprising and wonderful things can happen.